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Introducing the ultimate culinary clash, Food Truck Battle Royale! Prepare for a finger-licking frenzy as the most daring food truckers assemble on your app stores and social media, with victory on their menu. Get ready to fire up your grills, sharpen your knives, and garnish your way to the top, as this flavorful battlefield will separate the sous-chefs from the masterchefs. With each level, the heat rises, and the secret ingredients become wilder, pushing your business skills to their limits. Will you taco-ver the world or let your competitors curry away the title? Join Food Truck Battle Royale today and prove you have the recipe for success! 

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Foodogeki  A Food Truck Royale Rumble!

Find a parking spot!

Coming soon to your closest App Stores is  “Foodogeki: A Food Truck Royale Rumble”.

A real-time multiplayer game starring food trucks and chefs battling it out to sell tasty treats to customers.
Unlock  iconic locations around the world to park your food truck and emerge the Master Chef of street food.

Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring troops, spells and defenses to defeat opponents to earn glory, cash and trophies.
Lead the way to being a Food Truck Tycoon.

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